No Gi Class.

Our No-Gi Classes are fast-paced and offer a different type of training dynamic that you would have been used to in the Gi. In these classes, we will continue to focus on the basics in order for you to build a solid foundation. We will also be covering the leg lock details that are being used in many of the grappling comps around the world.

In every class, you will cover a stand-up technique (takedowns) followed by ground techniques which would be either based around improving your top game (passing) or bottom game (sweeps, guard retention or submissions).

The main benefits of our No-Gi class:

  • Fast-paced training and increased fitness
  • A new dynamic of training that isn’t anything like the Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Think of it as more real-life training.
  • Lots of studying on heel hooks and leg attacks
  • Build confidence, flexibility and increase your overall fitness


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