Whilst I’m putting together our online videos I have found a couple of great deals for you to take advantage of. These deals have been put on by amazing people. The Jiu-Jitsu community is awesome and it shows how we can all do our bit to help each other. Let’s show these guys some mega support too.

If I find anymore ill be sure to let you all know.

Renzo Gracie Online Training – 30 Days FREE!!

Renzo Gracie: “It’s on! Renzo Gracie Online Academy is completely free for (at least) 30 days. No strings attached. No credit card required. This is the least that I can do for the community. Our platform has currently over 600 lessons. But I will make sure to record many more and also add live seminars. Thank you for all the support. Click Here


BJJ Fanatics - Free Bernardo Faria DVD

100% OFF For One Of My Instructional Videos - COUPON CODE: FARIAFREE
Dear Fanatics, as most of the BJJ Schools, are closing and won’t have training for an undetermined amount of time, I decided to give away one of my Instructional Videos for FREE for all of you - Just use the coupon code: FARIAFREE at BJJFANATICS.COM and you will get $77 OFF at BJJFanatics to select any of my Digital Instructional Videos and watch at home while you can’t train BJJ.
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Caio Terra - 14 Days Free (maybe longer)

12 x World Champion

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your support over the years and your continued support in this troubling time. I thought about making my online site (caioterra.com) free to all the members of our gym, but this is a bigger issue than one gym, one town, one nation. With that in mind,  I’ve decided to offer free online training for the next two weeks. THANK YOU AND THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME! - Click Here

Caio Terra

I'm also in the process of speaking with the association to organise a free month for our students on Roger Gracie TV. I'll keep you all posted via email and on social media.

Enjoy the content. It should keep you busy 🙂

Prof. Mike